Saturday, November 28, 2020

Clinical trials website aims to boost participation

Australian-first website to connect more patients with clinical trials

Australia’s first national website collating information about clinical trials aims to boost the number of patients who sign up as trial participants, Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley says.

The website, http://www.AustralianClinicalTrials.gov.au, would be a “one-stop shop”, giving information about how clinical trials work as well as allowing patients to search for relevant trials in which they might be able to take part.

Ms Ley said the just under half of all Phase III clinical trials in Australia didn’t meet their patient recruitment targets ‒ a factor that contributed to a 7% decline in the number of trials conducted in 2013 compared to the previous year.

The website was launched as the BMJ announced that from 1 July, it would extend its requirement that study authors share anonymised patient data for trials, so that the requirement applied to all submitted clinical trials, not just those testing drugs or devices.

The WHO also recently released a statement on public disclosure of clinical trial results, defining reporting timeframes, calling for results-reporting of older but still unpublished trials, and outlining steps to improve linkages between clinical trial registry entries and their published results.

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