Saturday, January 16, 2021

Professor John Ziegler

Professor John Ziegler is Head the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases and of the HIV Service at Sydney Children’s Hospital, and is Professor of Paediatrics, University of NSW. He was cofounder of the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, its first secretary and has served as President. He chairs the Immunoglobulin Users Advisory Group for NSW Health. He has served as consultant on perinatal transmission (breast feeding) of HIV to WHO in Geneva and on management of paediatric HIV in Malaysia and has been a UNICEF consultant on paediatric HIV to Indonesia.

Publications include more than 130 peer reviewed papers, invited papers and book chapters in clinical immunology, rheumatology, HIV medicine, paediatric pain, clinical trials, 14 reports for government and other bodies.


Major contributions in HIV include the first description of mother-to-infant transmission of HIV during breast feeding and the definition of the risk of HIV via breast feeding during maternal seroconversion. Professor Ziegler was instrumental in the setting up of surveillance mechanisms for perinatal exposure to HIV.

Current research interests include genetics of congenital immune deficiency disorders, and epidemiology and diagnosis of severe food allergy in Australian children. HIV research objectives include studies to define the frequency, character and specificity of anti-HIV immune responses present in infants and children exposed perinatally to HIV and genetic and other factors affecting the risk of perinatal transmission. He has compared the methods used in Holocaust denial with those used in attempts to refute a relationship between HIV and AIDS. He has studied the use of humour in medical teaching.

To learn more about Professor Ziegler, and to see a listing of his publications, following this link: The University of New South Wales