Saturday, January 16, 2021

Professor John Simes

Professor John Simes is Senior Principal Research Fellow and founding director of the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre. He co-leads a team of 150 who collaborate with clinical investigators and other researchers nationally and internationally in a research program aimed at improving health practice and health outcomes through better use of clinical trials research.

Professor Simes has taken leading roles in the establishment and growth of several collaborative trials groups, and has helped develop the clinical trials expertise of future leaders in the field through mentoring and teaching.

Professor Simes has contributed to over 300 peer-reviewed articles, with many having a significant impact on current knowledge and clinical practice.


Professor Simes practices as a medical oncologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney. He has taught medical students and postgraduate students at the University of Sydney since 1989.

Professor Simes has received the Harvard Alum Award (Biostatistics), Harvard University (2009) in recognition of his work in research and the Medical Oncology Group of Australia's Cancer Achievement award for 2010 for lifetime achievement in oncology.

You can read more about Professor Simes, and find a listing of his publications, here: NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre